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    Celtics are second in the ESPN NBA rankings. How’s that sit with you? Could the addition of Isaiah Thomas have shaken things up?


    Can you believe Isaiah Thomas returning to the Celtics could’ve been a real possibility this summer? That’s the story about 2 weeks following his signing with the Denver Nuggets. ESPN reported that IT reached out to Danny Ainge about a possible return to the team that traded him for Kyrie Irving less than one season ago. Could a future return be in store for the MVP finalist from 2016-17?

    Meanwhile Kawhi Leonard migrated north kicking and screaming, but will try to make it work with the Toronto Raptors who shipped out Demar DeRozan to the Spurs in a stunning blockbuster. Will the one seed from a year ago provide the threat that was missing in the east when we recorded one week ago?

    For now, ESPN ranks Boston No. 2 and Toronto a few spots behind them in their preseason NBA rankings following the re-signing of Marcus Smart — who returns on a 4-year, $52-million contract that includes a minor weight clause. We hit on all that tonight on Celtics Late Night on CLNS Media live.

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