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    Celtics Late Night @ 9 p.m.: NBA over-under, Greg Monroe, Morris

    Over-unders, Greg Monroe and the Morris brothers on tonight's hour of Monday night basketball chat with Bobby Manning.


    With training camp arriving within view we rip through the NBA’s Vegas over-unders and give our takes on which teams will exceed or fall below expectations in rapid fire action. WIll the Celtics exceed their projected 57.5?

    We bid farewell to Greg Monroe after his half season with the Celtics as he headed north for a minimum contract with the Raptors today. Does he factor into what’s presumably the most important matchup in the East next year?

    Then, Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris signed with LeBron’s Klutch Sports agency this week. Are they next to join The King in Lakerland as they both his free agency next summer?

    That and more in our weekly Celtics Summer Show. Bobby Manning, Andrew Rubino and Taylor McCloud host for one hour at 9:30 p.m. EST tonight.

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