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    Celtics Legend to Snoop: You’re Not Doing Kobe a Favor, Not Representing Him Well


    Cedric Maxwell, traveling to Oklahoma with the Boston Celtics, recruited Nick Gelso to fill in for Josue Pavon on tonight’s podcast. 


    This episode was one Max simply couldn’t resist using as a platform to get his thoughts out on the recent uproar over Gale King’s interview of Lisa Leslie on Kobe Bryant.


    Max toes the line, seeing both sides of the story but, at the end of the day, he has a message for Snoop Dog and company….


    Max to Snoop: You’re not doing Kobe a favor. You’re not representing Kobe Bryant well, that’s what I say you’re not representing the virtues of who he was at the end of the day. Yes, you have a right to be angry! Yeah, you do but you don’t have a right to call Gale a bi$$ch or a Ho or threaten her life. That’s just not honoring the guy Kobe Bryant was.






    you get are you there yeah yeah okay somebody working now 



    yeah we’re good okay good to go hi are you want me to take this what do you want me to edit myself out or you want me and no you want to put yourself in that day 



    be funny or be serious or both like we I think we bill the discounted be serious right now okay with the the the ship is going on we don’t want Snoop outside the door though we don’t 



    okay all right all intro and now I’m not gonna do anything like warm so 



    where are you were white spot yeah I’m in the quest by Matthew was great walk into this bar place but the guy just got here for a minute talk yeah I was like 10 minutes okay 



    so Max this morning I get a phone call from usually I’m all those little choir right and today I was I was busy breaking down sound from last night’s game called me and I didn’t know that like the crap at the family Gail and and Colby and you know what the hell’s going on 



    it it’s a whole nother it’s almost like a almost seems like black civil war all right the way things that go over right now between and you know I’m I’m kind of torn between both because being a broadcaster you know I know I I looked at some of the things the gal said that you know he had those questions had to be S. but at the same time I think that there are parts of her day weren’t sensitive to what was going on you’re not both kind of laughed and we talked about and I said it would remind me you know you have been going to the dentist before you went to the dentist said you had they had the open cavity and somebody gave you some Cold War the 






    and then watching the interview is just Jari I me eventually I think initially you was it was you know handle pretty well right but then once she asked a couple of other questions and start pressing the issue I think that’s when it went it went south and her yeah 



    and I think that is what made a lot of people are not I think a lot of people didn’t even a lot of people didn’t understand what she was doing it was just bad they just want to be they were angry because they’ve been really follow her line of questioning they were just more insulted they she would even say anything 



    black Max is the is that the big thing as being black or white I think it’s just that they were just they were just 



    and they what they they saw what they felt was was just 



    yeah that anything that was going to be asked it wasn’t going to stroke Colby say something good about him I think people are just going to be upset it was it was only a matter of time before this came up under will pop up on Twitter we both get it you know there’s a line of people that are going to bring up that the you know the Kobe’s past we’re all yeah and no matter what and I get an expected to be Gail who’s kind of on the safe side right to kind of please save so opus crying for Gail Snoop is doing selfie videos and I don’t know rappers I never even heard of and then Gail release is a kind of retraction or not from a retraction more like to listen to it it’s entirety is that good move and I mean to me it’s like just let it go I I don’t even know I think the fire was already let I think the house was already on fire and I just don’t know how you put the flame you know I mean that is with the 2 alarm fire and you bring your bring the glass of water you’re free unless the weather it essentially that’s where that’s where it is 



    and I don’t think that once you got IT 9 



    people didn’t even didn’t even hear what she’d say it all they’ve heard was you know it and then when you start hearing the rappers and 



    time is from other people I think err by just jumped on it just jumped on full bore well you you you too but now and I I was waiting to see if any of you Max 



    anyone any minority I would say anyone even white people everyone was kind of just outraged hi 



    like I said even media members to upset you know who’s going to mention it who’s the the day that could be passed they mentioned it in passing twice but E. S. P. N. hasn’t said it once nobody has I never thought Gail well he don’t want to do it with Leslie I mean and she was kind of pushing her OP saying yeah yeah I think I think that Lisa Leslie kind of handled it well 



    it could be all I think big deal was was going a little bit more you know we should gill said 



    and I think it was a fair question to ask her and say well how did you did you know did you ever see that because you know she’s a pretty woman in it right be over you know approach you in that way M. legitimate question yeah so Leslie said no he never did he handled himself with class and that that would dignity he was my friend and then when gale said 






    or you never would see that because you were his for you get I think that’s what it’s working with off the off the radio and it was war the way she said and I think the way that she handled Gayle king the way she handled her interview with Charlie Rose was everybody thought that she was a little small because that was her free so she didn’t go full bore a trolley road and because of that I think that 



    she kind of went the other way I’ve been a little bit more aggressive initiate did interview with R. Kelly and she got all kind of kudos for that so 



    it was she was just kind of open and and she was she was out there hello she got caught 



    you got you got caught what he got caught with a jabot who 



    are you repeat to me although even though you know how you get you need for the day where she was that it may be here the rapper’s all just go P. 



    and the crazy thing about all this is that 



    the 6 actually play 



    24 on the 20 third yep that’ll work either yep LA before Kobe’s funeral well the celebration of Kobe at the staples center so I’m not sure if that’s going to change our travel players as the chief says I’m not sure we want to go there you know there are a couple of players who are close to where they would right would probably want to be there so it’s going to be interested thing to be there the day before everything goes and and see where we go from there is going to be interesting well yeah I mean I know our travel play work or travel Joe sway I am filling in for closely to the I am not Joe sway 



    because her travel it out there now wait for that road trip we’re going to go to Portland but we’re going to stick around now I’m assuming the Celtics probably will too but back to Gail real quick the the call and Colby the Kobe thing almost today almost reminded me when after Michael Jackson died nobody was saying anything and then a couple days later it started and it was a simple not quite as black or white I mean I I was it was pretty nasty toward detail today stupid particular but it’s no ma’am what do you expect even 



    in LA yeah I’m sure he will it I’m sure a lot of people applauding what 



    people jumped on board but Michael dice whose day he is like a psychologist yeah put out something on Twitter and it was really good because he said 



    how they hear these rappers 



    talk about her that kind of way 



    do you think Kobe Bryant if they if they’re trying to on the Kobe Bryant that’s the last thing the Kobe Bryant would want to be honored you know for somebody to pin him by chance see a woman yeah and that’s essentially when you start calling you know which is in hold and and and we brought Kobe Bryant would never ever want that to be affiliated with his name special after things he went through you know in this life you know yeah there was a there was a there was an issue with Kobe work he called in the issue of thank yeah yeah he he had to come back and apologize yeah and he’s done a lot of work with the gay community yes so if you’re looking to Kobe Bryant you’re defending him do you go to the things that Kobe Bryant would not want you to get what he would not want you to say that they think they hit the fan not to mention I mean he’s got it now and 3 daughters and 



    thank you back yeah second accurate life was was really advocating for the W. N. B. A. for female athletes and and I I think you’re right next you bring up a good point there and L. I I remember that I think it was Billy Kennedy was he he was young that that the yeah yeah and it listen it is it we are in this weird time where there is this sect of society that is sold on PC and the PC police and usually it’s 



    it’s not trust people that are the PC police not to bring up politics I’m not going to today everybody was outraged and I think people should just calm down a little bit and maybe watch the full interview either way I don’t even think if you watch the port thank you there are people are just going to be made 



    you’re going to be people who 



    go how dare you talk about this man after he died at your tragic way 



    I don’t I don’t think that I don’t I I’m I’m a broadcaster so I’m torn between what yeah that she was doing her job her job is to interview her job is to get information now there are things that are touchy about that and and the thing that you have to rely Kobe Bryant was the perfect person right yeah he was not he was flawed like all of you with right now 



    help with that I think that some people even when people say well he had the incident in Colorado and he became a better person 



    who will not let him call for that is because it no 



    you say you would come about the purse yeah there is there you say James yeah so I think there is there so the line in the sand this drawn right now 



    and I would right now if I was anybody I wouldn’t say anything negative about Kobe right but at the same time if you are a broadcaster well that is part of your job you mixed because Gail is not from that background right 



    she’s friends with Oprah so it’s not like 



    a broadcaster U. or a you know a pro athlete turned broadcaster so I guess there’s a little bit of a comfort zone there you have to build to now you’re doing it how many years but I mean I I she got caught she got caught in a bad spot there yeah it so it was a that’s a horrible spot and now that you have people who were rappers and people who heard all the comments 



    they don’t even they again they don’t even know it only the know the issues right now there is judges Matt is the one guy how there you go what your people like that that you’re back you’re black woman did you insult your people for rate 



    yeah so so I think that it’s that you know it’s it’s just a it’s just a slippery slope that people are going to be all and people are going to be right now people are are a a 



    and as I said before it is I can’t see you going to the dentist having you having a 



    the work 



    served as wide open from my day here take this go glass water and I think that’s what we’re that’s what she did you know that the nerve was wide open it’s still wide open for Kobe Bryant he hasn’t even been Perry J. not cold yet and and so I think that many people were also mad because it was you know 



    that his daughter is we’re gonna have to hear this over again uhhuh 



    his loved ones we’re gonna happier over again yeah yeah I think that get Michael Dyson pointed that out it said you know yeah his you know his wife and his that’s trying to bury people yes that one has to go out and get to cast the flowers and all these other things and the last thing she wants to hear is what the hell do you okay good talking about sexual allegations against her husband at this time so that that in the note she has just piss people off 



    well that is quickly here and before we wrap I gotta say so if this is the last last state Max last words parting words Snoop and 50 cent… all these guys who are out there today there are right now stand right in front of you you’re you’re you’re the elder statesman in that crowd control you live civil rights what would you say to the


    Max to Snoop: You’re not doing Kobe a favor. You’re not representing Kobe Bryant well, that’s what I say you’re not representing the virtues of who he was at the end of the day. Yes, you have a right to be angry! Yeah, you do but you don’t have a right to call Gale a bi$$ch or a Ho or threaten her life. That’s just not honoring the guy Kobe Bryant was.



    bad about 



    yes Kobe if Kobe was standing in front of you right now and you said that what do you think Kobe would say 



    probably what I’m saying  well that’s Cedric Maxwell he’s the man I’m Nick Gelso, filling in for Josue Pavon and that’s it we’re out of here… Max is down in Oklahoma City go get out man it’s it’s got to be warm and it’s freezing here so enjoy it. All right brother later 

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