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    Game Theory: State of the Eastern Conference; Morris’ play


    Sam Vecenie and Michael Pina discuss Marcus Morris’ breakout play and more on Terry Rozier.

    Episode recap:

    In this episode, Sam Vecenie is joined by Michael Pina of Vice Sports about the mess that is the Eastern Conference. What do we think of the Cavaliers, and the problem that is the fact that they haven’t played a ton together yet? Does their dysfunction make the Raptors the favorite?  Should the Raptors be worried about the fact they get an inordinate production from their bench? Should they be worried about the Bucks in the first round if they get matched up against Giannis?

    Then they move on to the Celtics. What do they think of the Marcus Morris resurgence? Is Terry Rozier the god or only for real? Also, how do the Celtics fare in the playoffs offensively without Kyrie Irving? Finally, how far can the Sixers go? Can Markelle Fultz help in the playoffs, and how big of a matchup problem for the rest of the Eastern Conference is Joel Embiid?