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    A Celtics Offseason Mailbag with Sean Deveney

    Adam and Sean dive into the offseason ahead of free agency


    Six months ago I would say a lot of you imagined the Celtics would be in the place where the Raptors are currently. Danny Ainge’s job is to find a way to get Boston in Toronto’s position next year. Adam Kaufman and Sean Deveney try and tackle some of those questions on this week’s Celtics Beat.

    Celtics and Rockets Potential Trade

    Daryl Morey is apparently looking to make a big splash this summer. Ainge is known for dabbling in big moves. So you’re saying there’s a chance?

    The move revolves around Al Horford, first-round picks, and Clint Capela. Capela would eventually get moved in the package for Anthony Davis. I am very for this trade.

    However, I don’t think this would really be that simple. More contracts have to be a part of the deal. But, ultimately we are right back to the “If Boston gets Davis they might have to take on a bad contract.” This was always a possible outcome. This time it could come from either Houston or New Orleans. I am still in the “Get Anthony Davis” crowd.

    Where Do Celtics Go if No Davis?

    So this is a wildly popular topic on Twitter: If Kyrie Irving bolts should Boston still go after The Brow? Even without the guarantee he would resign? Well, that changes things.

    There’s no way I’m trading Jayson Tatum for Anthony Davis if I have a good feeling he’s going to be on the team for more than one year. You don’t get your hands on prospects like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown too often. I would want to build around those two than risk it all for Davis. The Celtics aren’t the Raptors. Trading DeRozen and getting off his contract for Kawhi isn’t the same thing as trading Tatum for Davis.

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