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    Celtics Stuff Live: Kyrie Irving is fascinating without the conspiracy theory “stuff” (podcast)

    London called and the Celtics answered against the Sixers last week with a great comeback last week in jolly old England.


    Justin and Jon recapped the Sixers game and discussed Kyrie Irving’s post-game visit to the J.J. Reddick podcast, which generated far more headlines attention than it deserved. Transitioning from the Philly game, the conversation moved to Markelle Fultz’s horrific looking jumpshot and how the Lakers are faring in relation to giving the Celtics another top 5 pick in June.

    To wrap up, Justin and Jon looked to the week ahead just after some interesting discussion on the fit of Marvin Bagley, DeAndre Ayton, and Mo Bamba in the Celtics lineup next year.