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    Warriors and Celtics pull off another classic – CelticsBlog Podcast

    Alex Kungu and Bobby Manning break down the storylines out of one of the best games of the season, Warriors-Celtics.


    Kyrie Irving set the table, but Steph Curry alone finished the meal. The CelticsBlog writers review Golden State’s 109-105 win over Boston. In Irving’s definitive classic performance as a Celtic, and a Curry showcase reminiscent of his unstoppable 2014-16 run, the two teams showcased the potential to be a wildly entertaining NBA Finals series.

    But before we get ahead of ourselves, Alex Kungu and I discussed the Irving effect, how it’s been missing from Cleveland and relevant all season in Boston. He’s had games where he’s held back, and games like the Warriors one where he’s all in scoring at will through multiple defenders. He needed to be tackled to prevent a spinning backwards-facing layup in traffic.

    How big of a part of “flipping the switch,” in Cleveland was Irving?

    Noticeably absent from Saturday’s game, Marcus Smart sat at home and will miss multiple weeks with his punch wound. The Celtics have opened up their offense and Terry Rozier continues to thrive scoring the ball lately, including a massive three to put the Celts within one in the final seconds of Saturday’s game.

    At some point, Boston likely choses between those two at backup guard. Rozier’s improving, but does Curry score 49 points with Smart on the floor? The difficult comparison continues to be a divisive topic, that we discussed inside.

    We also got into the rotations Stevens pulled out against the Warriors, the small-ball lineup with Marcus Morris and its continued relevance as well as a week of struggles for Jayson Tatum.

    Then we took your questions right from Twitter, ranging from free throws to LeBron James’ wine count last night.

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