CelticsBlog Pod 28: All-star weekend Los Angeles

    Jared Weiss takes us to LA, then NBC's Max Lederman dives into the big Celtics ratings and the whacky Boston fanbase.


    Former CelticsBlog writer Jared Weiss’ Quavo tweet needed more explanation, in fact his whole trip to Los Angeles for all-star weekend warranted a segment. So to kick off CelticsBlog Pod 28, Jared returned to take us from In-N-Out to his latest Q&A with LeBron James.

    There’s plenty of Celtics-related news revolving around all-star weekend too, Jaylen Brown stole the show in the Rising Stars Challenge, prompting further hope that his recent string of consistent success is here to stay. Weiss breaks down his string of quality dribbling and scoring.

    Marcus Smart’s back as well, with details emerging on his injury relating to a near torn-tendon that could have ended his season. We go inside his return and what Boston’s expecting from him after the disappointment of his absence.

    The news also broke over the break that the Celtics lead the NBA in TV ratings increases, with an over 80 percent spike in viewership over last season. Max Lederman joined the show to talk about his role, but mostly Kyrie Irving’s in captivating the fanbase.

    We go inside NBC’s communication with the whacky Celts online fanbase as well as what’s been so captivating and successful about this year’s group. Lederman did not hold back his critiques of Cavs and Heat Twitter, but the weirdness of Boston’s tweeters seems to be right up his alley.

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