Chandler Parsons: Billy Donovan Kicked My Ass

    New Atlanta Hawks forward opens up in Good 'N Plenty episode


    Chander Parsons knows what it’s like to deal with high expectations.

    His time with the Memphis Grizzlies is infamous at this point. 73 games, less than 1,500 minutes. All of that came with a hefty price tag: four-years, $94 million. And the aftermath is still flooding his Twitter mentions today. Parsons admits he understands why Grizzlies fans feel that way towards him.

    “I get that aspect of it. But there’s nothing different I can do.”

    He added, “Athletes in general get shit on for having injuries, that’s out of their control. And their tagged as soft or injury prone…I think it’s part of the game. When you compete at this level for this long something’s bound to happen.”

    Chandler is accustomed to tough critics. High expectations have followed him for most of his adult life. However, it all started with his time with Florida.

    Parsons Tough Start w/ Florida 

    Joining the reigning National Champions can be tough for some freshman. Others use it as fuel to puff out their chest. Chandler, as you could guess, was the latter.

    However, joining a back-to-back title winner thinking you’re “all that” and not backing it up could rub some people the wrong way, including your head coach.

    “[Florida Head Coach Billy Donavan] was a monster those first two years,” Parsons said. “Now, as an adult, as a veteran in the NBA, I understand what he was doing.”

    Donavan pushed his team to live up to championship expectations, even the freshman. Unfortunately, the team was not up to snuff and forced Donavan’s hands. At one point the Gator Head Coach took away all of the team’s “Florida” branded gear and made them play in their own gym clothes. They essentially had to earn…their…gators. Yeah that joke killed in the production meeting.

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