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    Chris Cotillo: Anticipating Boston Red Sox sign stealing news

    The Red Sox punishment is expected within the next week, and with news MLB wants to investigate more sources, Chris Cotillo expects something.


    The Houston Astros engulfed all of baseball in a surge of outrage, as opponents vowed revenge, the Dodgers called for revocation of a title and Rob Manfred tried unsuccessfully to extinguish the fire. Now, the Red Sox may be next as the MLB continues its investigation into their version of potential sign-stealing under Alex Cora.

    Could disdain over cheating empower national interest in baseball?

    Early returns aren’t great, with both opponents and the Astros complaining, while Dusty Baker calls for special treatment from the league office on hit-by-pitches. Yet, like many teams, they would be the first to drill a batter who trotted too slowly on a home run.

    Baseball’s pace and excitement will drive the sport. If anything, this controversy will draw out emotion and personality from the likes of Mike Trout. Baseball players spoke loudly about it. Dodgers have called for revoking a title, more wonder why players were not punished and others ripped Mike Fiers for “ratting.”

    The recipe is here for intriguing turmoil, though as our producer Taylor McCloud pointed out, MLB’s restrictions on social media videos could prevent many from viewing it. Red Sox reporter Chris Cotillo joined us to weigh the situation, discuss his life and preview life without Mookie Betts as the most newsworthy spring training in recent memory begins.