Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman Podcast

    Chris Mannix: Are Sixers Title Contenders? + The Kyrie Influence


    SI’s Chris Mannix joins Bob & Jeff to talk about the NBA Playoffs, including which team has the best chances under such circumstances. The Sixers are a top-team, according to Mannix.

    Also, can Kyrie Irving actually prevent significant players from going to Orlando?

    1:09: Mannix’ first experience at the barbershop post-quarantine

    2:43: Amidst concerns, NBA season will resume in Orlando, “It’s too big to fail”

    8:25: NBA players that should be most concerned about heading to Orlando

    12:51: Does Kyrie Irving have an influence on other NBA players?

    17:02: Mannix would be for going to Orlando to cover the league

    21:04: Shoot-around access in Orlando would be a game-changer for Mannix

    24:15: Knicks’ coaching job

    28:00: Nets’ coaching job/Ty Lue

    29:54: Can Jay Wright succeed in the NBA?

    30:45: Look out for the Sixers in the postseason

    35:29: James Harden & Russell Westbrook’s legacy