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    Cipha Sounds Has a Reason to be Gassed

    Cipha Sounds stopped by the show this week while he was in Atlanta to DJ at our friend Wally Sparks’ party “The Groove.” He was expecting to talk about current events but we chose to talk about his history, accomplishments and many, many, many jobs. Take a listen.

    1:30 DJing for fun, not for money

    -Cyph talks about why he is in Atlanta DJing for Wally Sparks’ “The Groove” and how he DJs only for fun now.
    3:00 Going on the road with comedian Michael Che
    – Cyph is Che’s road DJ and opening act. He talks about how black Che is, but how white his fans are.
    4:00 Cyph talks about how today’s comedians are catching more heat that rappers for making jokes.
    6:40 What took Cyph so long to get into comedy?
    -Cyph was the DJ for Chappelle’s Show. Dave told him he was funny a long time ago, but he didn’t listen.
    9:40 The difference between stand-up and impov comedy and where Cyph fits in.
    -Cyph admits that his idea for bringing Hip Hop to improv was a “scam” but it all worked out.
    19:00 Cyph recalls “The Tunnel” days.
    -Cyph talks about the time he saw Charles Oakley, Mike Tyson, Sean “Diddy” Combs, Donald Trump came to famed NYC club The Tunnel together, dressed alike in matching white minks.
    23:40 Catching hate in the comedy world
    -Cyph talks about how the comedy world wasn’t always receptive to him coming in the game. He also talks about how cutthroat the “joke game” is.
    28:00 At peace with not getting “credit”
    -Cyph got people like Rick Ross, Rihanna and others in the game, but never got his “credit.” He talks about how he has benefitted indirectly down the line.
    35:00 GOOD QUESTION ALERT! Cyph talks about what jobs he wished he got/took/turned down.
    -Cyph talks about how a bad job interview ruined a chance to be A&R at Bad Boy Records. He also speaks on why he didn’t like being “lead mic” on the Hot 97 Morning Show. Keep listening to see what it was like working with Aziz Ansari, and being asked to hit the road with Louis CK.
    43:00 Dealing with being on TV versus radio.
    -Did Cyph stop a domestic violence case with his face? Listen to find out.
    44:00 Cyph reveals his dreams and future plans.
    48:00 RANDOM: Cyph tells a story about Doug E. Fresh opening up for Prince.
    49:30 The Juan Epstein podcast is coming back, and he has a new show in the works too.
    54:45 Cyph is in a good place. 
    -Cyph talks about going to therapy regularly

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