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    Clippers Won’t Be Catching Lakers Anytime Soon


    Give credit to the Los Angeles Clippers; they have pulled off a number of shrewd moves over the years that have ultimately led them to become a legitimate title contender with two superstars on their roster. For the franchise that spent most of its existence as the NBA’s laughingstock, it has been quite a turnaround under owner Steve Ballmer.

    But that doesn’t mean the Lakers suddenly have real competition in their own city.

    Sure, the Clippers roster can now match the quality of the Lakers’, with both teams built to contend. The games between the two teams will mean more this season than ever before, and hopefully, brings out the best in both clubs.

    Yet, as our Trevor Lane explains on the Lakers Nation News Feed, the Clippers have a long, long way to go if they hope to win over Southern Californians. Yes, the Lakers 16 NBA Championships compared to zero for the Clippers can’t be touched anytime soon, but the disparity between the Clippers’ fan base and the Lakers’ might be even larger than most realize.

    Despite the bad reputation they get around the league for being fairweather fans, Lakers fans are actually fiercely loyal, and their season ticket renewal rate even in the lean years shows that. Additionally, the team’s massive social media presence compared to their Los Angeles counterparts is absolutely staggering and shows how much of a global phenomenon the Lakers truly are.

    Over the decades, the Lakers have become synonymous with basketball in Southern California, and despite their recent success, that’s something that the Clippers simply can’t match up to anytime soon.

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