Game Theory

    College Basketball Reset! Also, All-Star Game and John Beilein


    In this episode, Jim Root from the Three Man Weave joins, and we start with All-Star weekend, breaking down what we thought of the increase competitiveness of the event this year. 

    Then, we move to John Beilein, chatting about why this thing didn’t work, why I don’t expect him to coach the Cavs again, and what could happen with him next?

    Then we get into the main portion of the episode, talking about the entire college basketball season. Why is the talent level down in college basketball? Are there any great teams? Which teams do we trust most? We talk about almost all of the best teams in the country. We talk about the national player of the year race and who the best players in the country are (including my spiel on Luka Garza). 

    Then, we close on the five players we like to watch most in college basketball this year, in addition to our favorite futures bets to win the national title.