College Tournament, Anthony Davis Gossip

    Who should be panicking the most? Lakers? Celtics? Pelicans?


    Even though it’s Super Bowl week Anthony Davis rumors have taken over the internet. The story has percolated for 24 hours now. Every team in the NBA has rumored interest in the Pelicans big man. First it was only the Celtics and Lakers. Now every single big market team, every single contending team is at least kicking the tires.

    Jeff Goodman and Fox Sports’ Doug Gottlieb start this week’s “Good ‘N Plenty” there. Why does New Orleans HAVE to trade Davis now? It might not be in the team’s best interest. Furthermore, why make a move now when the draft order is not set yet. We don’t know who will have the number one pick in the draft. What if the Knicks get the first pick? Can’t they package something around Porzingis-Knox-Zion? The Celtics have the Tatum trump card. Other contenders can get creative. The Lakers should be as nervous as the league is about them.

    Meanwhile college basketball is inching towards conference tournament season. Both Doug and Jeff believe there are a handful of teams that can win the title. What has Jeff CONVINCED that Kentucky can make a run at the title come March. Of course any college discussion naturally shifts towards Zion Williamson. And as a result Jeff dishes on what it’s like to guard the Duke freshman.

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    3:10 Why the ACC might not be right for Notre Dame

    10:13 Anthony Davis rumors

    23:40 What to make of Kentucky

    38:30 Who’s the next coach at Duke

    42:20 What’s it like guarding Zion Williamson