Beyond Clean

    Contaminated Implants with Dr. Aakash Agarwal


    Does current surgical site infection data account for the reality of contaminated implants? What kind of research has been done around the safety of individually packaged sterile implants versus reprocessed implants? To kickoff Season 8 of the Beyond Clean podcast, we sat down with Dr. Aakash Agarwal, Director of Research and Development for Spinal Balance Inc, who has been working extensively on research projects to study the effects of reprocessing implantable pedicle screws and their subsequent infection risk. Conversations like these have implications not only for manufacturers and surgical service professionals, but also for the patients who undergo these procedures. Tune in with us this week as we talk #ContaminatedImplants. 

    Season 8 CEs will be packaged in a single quiz at the end of the season that will include all eight episodes.

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