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    CONTROLLED DOSES or WHO GETS A SEAT? (Wrestling Soup 1/18/18)


    Joe opens up the show talking about how he was at the dentist’s office for hours getting a bunch of cavities filled. To celebrate after he treated himself to an hour of chewing steak. This… horrifies Mish.

    A friend of the show Joe Smith (Joe5150) was a victim of corporate plagiarism when it came to Forbes, BleacherReport, and other major websites claimed to have broken a story which they did not. Sadly this happens all the time and is just a part of the toxic media environment that has evolved.

    Roman Reigns was fingered as a client of a Miami-based drug-lord who sold almost exclusively to high profile people during an interview for a documentary. Romans legal team, puppets a response denying any involvement or knowledge through Romans social media accounts.

    Youtube lays down new monetization laws in order to hinder new channels and talent from making any monetization from their hard work.

    The debacle of H&M’s advertisers is discussed and the violent backlash as a response.

    Rodney C joins the show and the boys rehash some topics from the last couple weeks with the released videos and pictures from Paige and the direction of her career now.

    Joe and Mish then continue on to discuss more wrestlers and celebrities that are scheduled to join up with WWE at the Raw 25th this coming Monday. It was noted that Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan have both pulled out of their appearances along with Trish Stratus being an uncertain guest.

    Rodney brings up Rhonda Rousey is signed to a WWE contract that has been carefully hidden from the public to not ruin the surprise of her expected debut at the Royal Rumble.

    The show finishes up with some RAW and SD discussion and some speculation on Braun’s character and Jey Uso getting a DUI.

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