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    Coop Reuintes Bitter Rivals James Worthy and Cedric Maxwell


    Showtime with Coop: James Worthy and special Guest Cedric Maxwell

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    Coop is joined by Hall-of-Famer James Worthy about growing up in North Carolina and joining Showtime as the number one overall pick. Plus Coop reunites two bitter rivals in Worthy and former Boston Celtic Cedric Maxwell. Subscribe and give the podcast a rating!

    2:01 How Coop saved James Worthy by feeding him early on in his career.

    3:25 Where Worthy grew up in Gastonia, North Carolina, sports was very influential in children’s lives. 

    6:19 Why does Worthy think he was able to make it to the NBA?

    7:47 Why did Worthy pick UNC and what influenced him about Dean Smith? 

    Worthy: “Coach Dean Smith had recruited and signed the first black player to the ACC and it was Charlie Scott. So I always was conscious of coach Smith and he almost lost his job because of that.”

    9:16 What did Coach Dean Smith instill in Worthy?

    10:12 Where would James Worthy put himself on the all-time list of UNC Players?

    11:49 What was Dean Smith like schematically when Worthy was at North Carolina?

    12:46 What was Worthy’s initial impressions of Michael Jordan at UNC? 

    Worthy: “He utilized all his energy all the time and so once he learned how to let the game come to him a little bit..”

    15:43 After he left UNC did he think he was going to play for the Lakers or someone else in the NBA?

    Worthy: “Ralph Sampson decided to stay at school at Virginia, now what a big mistake that was in my opinion.”

    18:24 What Worthy thought when he first got to the Lakers.

    21:29 James Worthy on his relationship with Jerry West.

    Worthy: “He has the ability to see things that other people can’t see. He sees the missing pieces.”

    24:51 Worthy’s thoughts after breaking his leg during his rookie season in 1980.

    26:09 Lighting round: One sentence each
    Kevin McHale
    James’ Parents
    Domique Wilkins
    Magic Johnson
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    Forum Club

    31:30 Special Guest: Cedric Maxwell joins the show and James Worthy talks about when he handed Max the MVP trophy.

    34:16 Cedric Maxwell and James Worthy go back to North Carolina where they both grew up.

    38:30 Will James Worthy apologize to Max for pushing him from behind?

    40:21 James Worthy and his relationship with Boston and Boston sports fans.

    42:04 What really bothered Cedric Maxwell about the Lakers vs. Celtics rivalry.

    Maxwell: “Our blackness was challenged.”

    43:20 What James Worthy respected about Red Auerbach.

    45:21 Did these guys on the Lakers and Celtics really hate each other?

    49:35 How the Celtics made the Lakers a better team and helped them turn misery into championships.

    50:50 Cedric Maxwell’s story about playing against Kareem for the first time ever. Kareem was Max’s favorite player of all time!


    Available for download on iTunes and Stitcher. Showtime with Coop is presented by BetOnline.AG.

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