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    Couch Guy Sports Podcast Ep. 106: Patriots Crushing the Draft Reaction | Red Sox Turning a Corner? | What the Bruins Need Fixed

    The Couch Guy Sports Podcast episode 106 is HERE. NFL Draft and the Patriots. The Red Sox are HOT. And the Bruins vs the Blue Jackets.


    Episode 106 was nothing but fire.

    No Jared this week so it was Nick joined by Alex Barth of CLNS Media for the entire show.

    We had plenty to hit on this week for Boston topics. One, the NFL Draft. A lot of people are saying that this year’s Patriots drafts was one of the best that they’ve had. Between going with a receiver in the first round, a stud defensive end, and some other big picks, Belichick could have hit on some gold. But did he miss on one specifically?

    The Red Sox might be back… But they might not actually be back. We aren’t sure. Recently the team’s been playing some great baseball. The starting pitching is starting to come around and the offense is starting to catch fire. So how much more do they need to do for us to say they’re fully back?

    And the Bruins are battling with the Columbus Blue Jackets right now in the second round of the playoffs. It’s been a gritty series and honestly, there’s one thing the B’s really need to fix if they want to come out of this series alive.

    Plus, you know we couldn’t not talk about the Tyreek Hill story… Guy’s a complete scumbag.

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    Nick Quaglia

    Nick Quaglia is a Content Coordinator at the CLNS Media Network. Nick has been with the network since 2016 managing the Boston Red Sox Newsfeed and providing written contributions and on-scene coverage on the Red Sox and New England Patriots. Nick is a graduate of Framingham State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. He is the CEO of Couch Guy Sports. Twitter: @NickQuag