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    Couch Guy Sports Podcast Ep. 90 Ft. Adam Jones of 98.5 The Sports Hub | Wild Card Weekend | Celtics Have No Spine | LeBron James


    People from Boston know that name and know it well if you listen to Boston sports talk radio. We were joined this week by Adam Jones of 98.5 The Sports Hub. Some call him the vulture. NOBODY calls him Mr. Optimist and that’s why we love him.

    We talked to Jones about the Patriots heading into the postseason and what they can do. Will they make it out of the first round? Who’s going to have to step up if this team wants to go anywhere?

    We recorded before Wild Card Weekend so this post is a little late. I thought I already put this up and it never made it out of my word document because my brain is in shambles. My fault. But we broke down Wild Card Weekend and talked about the teams that we did and DIDN’T want the Patriots playing.

    There was also a little bit of Celtics talk going on. The Cs have had an up and down season from the start. Is this team lacking balls? Do the Celtics not have a spine? Because at times it sure doesn’t seem like they do.

    And LeBron James called himself the GOAT. I’ve officially lost all respect for that man in the GOAT conversation because once you call yourself it, it’s lost all of its mystique.

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