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    Couch Guy Sports Podcast Ep. 95 Ft. Tom Giles of NBC Sports Boston Interview | Patriots Are Champs AGAIN | Anthony Davis Saga Continues


    What a turn of events this Patriots season turned out to be, huh? In the words of the President of the United States. All of the haters and all of the losers were doubting the New England Patriots. They said Tom Brady was done. They said he was too old. They said Gronk was a shell of himself. But baby, this team are your WORLD CHAMPS for the sixth time. We had our guy Tom Giles of NBC Sports Boston in to talk about Super Bowl 53 and we broke it all down with him. Julian Edelman winning the MVP. What happened to Jared Goff? Tom isn’t into breaking down Adam Levine’s tattoos though so that was mostly just a Nick conversation.

    The interview with Tom Giles was wicked fun and we can’t wait to get him back on the show.

    PLUS, the Patriots Super Bowl parade through Boston was pure MAYHEM. 1.5 million people showed up after you know, it was reported that Patriots fans were losing interest. Please, you dummies. We live and breathe winning around here. Once they win their 20th Super Bowl in 2040 we’ll still be partying like it’s their first one.

    And you know we had to get right back into this Anthony Davis drama. Is Davis going to become a member of the Boston Celtics this summer? And is Jared finally coming around on the idea that this is probably going to happen?

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