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    Couch Guy Sports Podcast Episode 115: NBA Free Agency & Impact on Celtics | Red Sox Embarrassed in England | Nathan Eovaldi Now Closer?

    Nick Quaglia is back with Connor Strayer for episode 115 of the Couch Guy Sports Podcast. NBA Free Agency, Nathan Eovaldi and the Sox debacle.


    Nick Quaglia is back this week with fill-in guest Connor Strayer and they go over the WILD start to NBA Free Agency now that the dust was mostly settled.

    The Celtics grabbed Kemba Walker, the Nets bring in Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant and Al Horford signs in Philly. How’s this affect the C’s and what will the east look like?

    And the Red Sox were TORCHED in London. They were completely embarrassed, their bullpen was wrecked and the Yankees established their utter dominance.

    And continuing with the Red Sox, Nathan Eovaldi was moved to the closer role once he comes back from injury. Is this the right move or are the Sox screwing themselves even more.

    And Boogie Cousins… What could have been in Boston.

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