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    Daniel Coole: All You Ever Wanted to Know about Stainless Steel (Season 3 Re-Release)


    Few materials in the world have come to define a Sterile Processing professional more than stainless steel. We are literally surrounded by it – our sinks are composed of it, our washers are encased by it, our assembly tables are covered with it, and yes – 99% of the tools of our trade are manufactured from it. And yet, even with this daily familiarity with stainless steel instrumentation, there are still many things not known or misunderstood about this marvelous metal. On this re-release episode from Season 3 of Beyond Clean, we asked Daniel Coole everything you ever wanted to know about stainless steel and start answering some of these important questions.

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    Justin Poulin

    Justin Poulin is a Clinical Operations Executive with Northfield Medical. He has over 20 years of experience in the Medical/Surgical industry both as a Registered Nurse and Sales Executive. He is the co-host of Beyond Clean and Celtics Stuff Live podcasts on the CLNS Media Network.