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    Democrats Could Be a Lock to Take House Back from Republicans in 2018 Mid-Terms

    With an unpopular President Donald Trump occupying the White House, a landslide in the mid-term elections for Democrats over Republicans


    All eyes are already looking well ahead to November.  With an unpopular President Donald Trump occupying the White House, a landslide in the mid-term elections for seats in Congress and the Senate for the Democrats over the Republicans seem like a foregone conclusion.  Or is it?


    In recent times, generally, an unpopular sitting President spells doom for the party who occupies the legislative branch.  The Democrats suffered massive defeats at the hands of Republicans in 1994 and 2010 while the same happened to the GOP in 2006.

    So, by simply putting two and two together, one can easily come to the conclusion that the Democrats should post a clean sweep this November in the 2018 mid-term elections.  They only need 25 seats to retake the House, and with the Republicans already losing a crucial seat in the reddest of states in Alabama last month, the GOP is hanging on by a thread in the Senate.

    However, the Republicans may have a gameplan to hold onto their legislative majorities.  Emerson College Professor Spencer Kimball joined the Emerson College Polling Weekly Podcast to discuss how mainstream Republicans can theoretically detach themselves to the supposed “alternative conservative” in Donald Trump.

    Also, all signs point to the United States’ economy continuing to grow in 2018.  And the US has also, thus far, in the Trump administration avoided any foreign entanglements that plagued Bush so badly back in 2006.

    Despite the cascade of seemingly inane tweets and unneeded drama, when it comes down to it, will Americans really pull the trigger this November and make significant political changes?

    Full details available on this week’s Emerson College Polling Weekly.


    2018 United States Mid-Term Preview | Will Democrats Gain Republican Seats ?

    Are we lined up for a Democrat landslide ? Or can the Republicans hang on and maybe even gain this November in the all-important 2018 United States Mid-Term Elections ?

    0:44 Where mid-terms stand in January 2018

    2:10 Previewing Governor races

    4:49 Are Democrats a lock to retake the House?

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