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    Discovering Your Why, Finding Your Voice, and Public Speaking

    Nestor Hernandez, SPD Manager at Lehigh Valley Health Network


    What drives you as a Sterile Processing professional? Why do you wake up every morning, drive to a hospital, put on scrubs, and labor in areas of the hospital most people will never see, for patients who hardly know you exist? On this re-release from Season 1, we talked to Nestor Hernandez about finding your voice and discovering your “why” as a Sterile Processing hero. There are no little people or little places in our industry — every individual who commits to serving patients in the life-saving work of medical device reprocessing has an incalculable impact on the world around them. Tune in as we sit down with Nestor to learn…why.

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    Justin Poulin

    Justin Poulin is a Clinical Operations Executive with Northfield Medical. He has over 20 years of experience in the Medical/Surgical industry both as a Registered Nurse and Sales Executive. He is the co-host of Beyond Clean and Celtics Stuff Live podcasts on the CLNS Media Network.