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    Dogs Traveling in Planes (Podcast)

    DJ Bean and Blackburn are back with their interesting take on current events.


    Welcome Back!

    DJ and Pete took the week off because Pete was traveling in New York but came back for today’s episode. What a hero. He deserves a cape. DJ and Pete discuss how important coffee is, because let’s be honest it’s the best thing ever. Pete has been in Curt Schilling’s house. Fun times. Schilling is a bit of a crazy guy.

    DJ is upset because of something that doesn’t pop up when you google him. DJ and Pete recommend watching the show ‘A.P. Bio’ because it’s hilarious. Is Glen Howerton the same actor in every show, and is that OK? Probably. DJ is wearing makeup, shout out to Liz.

    DJ is turning 30. Is he going to throw a major party? Well he considers it like the same level of excitement as a wedding. DJ is open to getting married mostly because he has a wedding hashtag. To find out what it is, then you should listen to the podcast. Could this change the world? We can only hope. Let’s get more celebrities on Brunch.

    Now let’s get to the meat of the podcast. A dog died on American Airlines when the family paid for a ticket for the dog and then the flight attendant made them put the dog in the overhead bin. What has been going on in the world? Dogs aren’t safe anymore and we should do whatever we can to save them. One way to save them is stop putting them in bins. That’s a pretty sure fire way to keep them safe I think.

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