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    Mythbusters Kari Byron and Tory Belleci


    Mythbusters Kari Byron and Tory Belleci

    03:52 Guest Introductions
    07:23 Tory asks Danny about Comicon
    10:30 Creepy fan gifts
    17:50 Birdie stories
    24:30 How many pushups can the Mythbusters do?
    27:00 Kari’s book, Crash Test Girl.
    32:50 Comedic heroes
    33:29 Tory tells his “Clint Eastwood” story for the first time ever
    38:59 Danny name drops
    41:59 Tory worked on Star Wars and talks about it
    44:00 Rob Delaney’s tweet: https://twitter.com/robdelaney/status/210044154506526720
    48:30 Danny on CNN
    52:45 A plea to Eli Braden
    53:13 Danny lived with someone from The Howard Stern Show
    55:54 JD Harmeyer and Gary Del’Abate
    57:58 How Tory got on Mythbusters
    01:01:35 Dewey arrives and plugs
    01:03:50 Jenny does something really sweet for Danny’s kid via Jordan Peele.
    01:09:09 Dining with the Mythbusters
    01:11:56 Dewey humps someone

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