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    Doin’ It! with Danny and Jenny | Writer, Comedian and Actress Fortune Feimster Part 2| Danny Zuker and Jenny Johnson (Podcast)

    Comedian, Writer and Actor Fortune Feimster


    01:48 Observations on Guy
    05:32 “Hi, I’m Carol!” Inside “Office Christmas Party”
    09:35 Danny’s #1 Book – “He Started It” HeStartedIt.com
    11:15 Fortune is a singer
    12:50 The Wizard of Oz
    17:24 Fortune coming to Australia (and New Zealand?) and London
    19:25 Darlene Witherspoon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nS8fitqIgSc
    23:50 What was her “holy fuck, I got this?!” moment?
    25:45 Getting high with Josh Wolff
    27:50 Taking edibles before bed
    30:00 Who is Fortune’s comedic idol?
    34:25 FortuneFeimster.com for tour dates

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