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    Dome Theory: Bobby Manning on Billie Eilish, Andre Iguodala and NBA Trade Deadline

    Last week during the Trade Deadline, Keith Smith didn't expect much more action. Then 40 players changed teams by the end of Thursday.


    In the middle of Thursday’s trade deadline, we asked Keith Smith about Andre Drummond, D’Angelo Russell and Andre Iguodala. By the end of the episode, Iguodala joined the Heat. Drummond and Russell — unlikely to move — stunningly landed on new teams within one hour.

    Bobby Manning recapped the deadline in full, with producer Taylor McCloud on hand to handle the Oscars. Billie Eilish continues to thrive in multiple areas of culture. Taylor has concerns about her recent hip-hop comments, when that genre helped shape her sound.

    With theories on NBA moves and one last Joker retrospective, this episode had range and didn’t ignore an opportunity to knock another dumb Syracuse promotion. As for Andre Drummond, moved to Cleveland, he joins two fellow centers again. Five seasons removed from playing alongside Josh Smith and Greg Monroe, he remains both overrated and underrated. His teams have not helped him.

    Andre Iguodala provided food for thought too. He claims player empowerment for not showing up to the Grizzlies. They mutually agreed to part ways after he didn’t show up to training camp, then when Memphis later entered the playoff picture his teammate rallied against him. Now he’s in Miami, will he shift the eastern conference race at all following not playing for half the season?

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