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    Don Tumminelli: The Unknown World of Medical Device Validation


    There are many questions and often a critical level of misunderstanding about medical device validation so on this re-released throwback episode from Season 2, we went right to the source and interviewed validation expert Don Tumminelli, Senior Technical Manager, Client Services at HIGHPOWER Validation Testing and Lab Services. When a manufacturer designs a medical device, specifically a Class II device that requires 510K clearance by the FDA, they need an IFU that outlines how the device is to be safely cleaned and sterilized. Listen to Don talk about biocompatibility testing (compatible with the human body), sterilization validation and cleaning validation of the devices that sterile processing professionals work with and prepare every day for safe surgery. Do testing facilities such as this mimic the hospital setting? Listen now to find out!

    The quiz for this re-released Season 2 episode can be accessed at beyondclean.net/ce-credit-hub.

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    Justin Poulin

    Justin Poulin is a Clinical Operations Executive with Northfield Medical. He has over 20 years of experience in the Medical/Surgical industry both as a Registered Nurse and Sales Executive. He is the co-host of Beyond Clean and Celtics Stuff Live podcasts on the CLNS Media Network.