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    Dr. Jessica Flynn on how sports can return after coronavirus

    Flynn shared the biggest hurdle in starting sports leagues again and hit on the health of LeBron James and Gordon Hayward.


    Sport Dr. Jessica Flynn knew she wanted to work in sports medicine growing up as an athlete herself. She never imagined writing about sports injuries for a major publication until she started hearing more and more hosts discussing injuries like experts.

    As she sat on hold to nervously correct Felger and Mazz as a fan caller, she figured she deserved as big of a voice as they had on sports injuries. Though she couldn’t diagnose sprains herself from afar, she could draw on her experience to give expert analysis on the various injuries Boston sports fans witness every game. She started her own blog and now is the sports medicine writer for the Boston Sports Journal.

    Flynn has also vocally supported the league shutdowns and has called for wider shutdowns across society to curb the spread of the coronavirus. As she said on with Bobby Manning’s Dome Theory, formerly The Bobcast, last week there could be more done to end this crisis sooner. It starts with more testing and supporting medical staffs, hers at Lahey in Massachusetts yet to be ravaged as of recording.

    We discussed the spread of the coronavirus through the NBA and Rudy Gobert’s scapegoat status — plus how his infection was a turning point in the country’s awareness. It’s a wonder there wasn’t mass panic when the P.A. announcer in Oklahoma City called the game shortly before tip-off two weeks ago.

    Flynn especially loved how someone on the Jazz medical staff sounded the alarm.

    Aside from our coronavirus discussion, we discussed how viruses spread through locker rooms every season and how medical staffs are reacting. Plus the question everyone’s wondering: what will it take for sports restart after this pandemic slows?

    Flynn worries about the shape athletes will be in with no access to gyms, facilities or even outdoor space in some cases. Throwing them back into action immediately would counteract the intense overwatch on their bodies that Flynn explained, along with how she continues to learn the rapidly advancing sports medicine field.

    She explained how she covers injuries and health from a distance. Along with case studies like LeBron James, Gordon Hayward and Isaiah Thomas that she’s covered. Plus, what can the media generally do to cover injuries better?

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