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    Draymond is a CBDoofus and Bubble Therapy | Steak Bourbon and Sports with Ari Temkin and Jeremy Mandel


    Steak Bourbon and Sports Ep. 21

    Draymond is a CBDoofus and Bubble Therapy

    Ari Temkin (@arisports) and Jeremy Mandel (@jeremymandel) welcome Dan Stromberg of Beacon Hemp. They discuss the breaking up of the stigma of cannabinoids and the growing usage of them in athletics, especially the NBA and NFL. Plus the connections between bourbon and cannabinoids and as Dan is a Golden State Warriors fan, what will the future hold for the Warriors and how much has the NBA changed in terms of league powers?


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    00:40 – 1:50

    Why we’re talking weed and CBD and why there’s plenty of THC therapy happening now with the NBA players at Walt Disney World.


    2:20 – 3:21

    The recognition of the positive properties of cannabinoids in pro sports is actually far behind the general population.


    3:36 – 5:59

    Are cannabinoids actually good for professional athletes, especially NFL players, who take on massive hits throughout the course of their careers?


    6:11 – 8:33

    What is CBD and how is it different than what we’d think of traditionally as weed? Amazingly CBD and Marijuana are actually differentiated by just one atom bond, and the main distinction would be that there are no psychoactive qualities in CBD.


    8:40 – 10:45

    Either THC or CBS in an isolated form does not have the same impact as it does together, which is something they call Entourage Effect.


    10:52 – 13:50

    How big of a business has CBD become?


    14:01 – 15:36

    What is hemp? And you can LIVE in hemp?


    15:51 – 18:26

    What is Beacon Hemp?


    18:33 – 22:10

    Dan Stromberg works in the CBS and THC world, but he’s also a connoisseur of fine whiskey, so what are the connections between bourbon and whiskey and cannabinoids. Are alcohol beverage companies getting into the cannabinoid world?


    22:20 – 27:53

    There are a number of athletes and former athletes who are beginning to uncover so many positives of cannabinoids and even some that are using it in training including long distance runner Avery Collins. 


    28:10 – 29:49

    As a Spurs fan Jeremy is not a big fan of the Golden State Warriors, while Dan lives in the bay area and is a big fan of the Warriors, so Jeremy is not going to miss a chance to rup Draymond Green.


    29:50 – 30:51

    Will the Warriors return to the top level of the NBA in 2021?


    31:11 – 33:16

    It’s crazy how much the narrative shifted on Kawhi nationally. 


    33:22 – 35:14

    Kawhi and the 2020 NBA has shown how quickly windows can close and the landscape is really everchanging


    35:30 – 39:12

    What about KD? Why does there seem to be such a large distinction between the “legacy” of Kevin Durant vs. Steph Curry.


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