An Easter Special (podcast)


    Happy Easter!

    Easter was yesterday, and DJ and Pete were all on board. Except for the fact that the Easter Bunny isn’t real and this is upsetting. But before that, the guys go over how they do their podcast. DJ has trouble getting the words out and Pete is very confused. DJ uses the phrase “it’s not” a lot to describe the process they have for making these podcasts. DJ struggles really hard with these words. It’s all very confusing.  Let’s just give him a minute to figure it out. DJ and Pete discuss how good looking Tom E. Curran is.

    DJ and Pete discuss Easter myths and why the Easter bunny isn’t real. This may be tough to handle or breaking news for some people, but it’s a sad fact. You can call the guys the myth busters of Easter because they will tell you what’s really and not. Fact: Bunnies don’t lay eggs. Bunnies and velociraptor are both made up. Isn’t the Easter bunny a little creepy or is it just me? Well I guess we will see.

    DJ talks about a good sandwhich he had at a place in Cambridge that he thought the place wouldn’t be good, but it fooled him because it was delicious. What makes someone a beer snob? These are the important issues that need to be mentioned. DJ mentions an orange only grown in California and it’s super expensive. DJ is big in the fruit community.

    The band CHVRCHES releases a new album and it has the guys