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    The 2016 NBA Champion coach has been relieved of his duties.


    Joe Vardon has been on the Cleveland Cavaliers beat for years, and now covers them and National NBA News for The Athletic. In a candid conversation, Vardon details the events surrounding the slightly surprising termination of Tyronn Lue as head coach of the Cavs. After leading the team to 4 straight finals and one title, it’s hard to fathom Lue would get dumped so quickly, but after a disagreement with General Manager Koby Altman, his days were numbered.

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    Coach Nick

    Coach Nick is the President of BBALL BREAKDOWN.  By using NBA footage, he breaks down the games with freeze frames, arrows, and slow motion to explain the intricate details of what is happening on the court. Coach Nick’s coaching experience includes serving as basketball manager for the University of Wisconsin under Stu Jackson as well as leading the boys basketball team at Birmingham High School in Van Nuys for three seasons.