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    Ep. 15: NBA All-Star Andre Drummond and artist Tailz (podcast)

    Leddy was also joined by rapper/dancer Tailz, a fellow Plymouth State graduate, who is a very close friend of Drummond.


    NBA All-Star Andre Drummond and artist Tailz on Get The Ledd Out

    0:00 Intro w/ Andre Drummond and Tailz

    2:30 Drummond’s rap career

    3:33 Who is the best center in the NBA?

    4:05 The Blake Griffin acquisition

    6:30 Twitter and the NBA

    7:20 Would you play for the Celtics/Brad Stevens

    7:50 Joel Embiid Beef

    8:40 Initial All-Star snub

    9:15 Thoughts on Lavar Ball and the JBA

    11:45 MJ or LeBron?

    13:15 Tailz new song “Alright”

    14:40 If Drummond played Brittney Griner 1on1, what would the score be?

    15:20 Andre’s NBA Final pick

    16:15 NBA ROY favorite?

    17:48 End

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    Colin Leddy (@Ledds12) is a senior football player at Plymouth State University. He is a Natick, Massachusetts native with an extensive knowledge of the Boston sports scene. Leddy is the host of “Get the Ledd Out”.