Teen Mom Trash Talk

    Ep 179. Big Deer Energy : Autumn


    Misty takes Autumn to the gyno in the Walmart bathroom. Dustin parties in the meth mud. They have a refreshing cup of urine at the table for lunch. 

    16 and Pregnant Season 5 Ep 2 Autumn 

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    Tracey Carnazzo

    Tracey Carnazzo is a comedian, actress, writer, producer and podcast host from New York City. Tracey hosts the podcast Teen Mom Trash Talk Podcast, which recaps MTV’s Teen Mom as well as 90 Day Fiancé Trash Talk Podcast which both sit on the iTunes Top Charts. Tracey has appeared on MTV’s TRL Teen Mom Aftershow. Tracey has been featured at the New South Comedy Festival (2016), Free Standup Festival (2016), Skankfest (2017) and Laugh Your Asheville Off (2017), Cola Comedy Con (2017) and Oak City Comedy Festival (2018). Tracey was voted “Best New Guest of 2017” on the popular comedy podcast, Keith and the Girl. She has also been a guest on “The Bonfire” on Sirius XM Radio. She currently produces and hosts the hit show, Hashtag Comedy at QED in Astoria, NY. Tracey has been featured in Elite Daily’s series “Gen Why” and in Refinery 29’s “See The 67,” a campaign to fully represent plus sized women in the media. Tracey is a regular at NYC venues and performs all over the country.