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    Ep. 301 How To Be A DOMINANT Man With Women In 2019


    Do women like men who are dominant?  Well you are about to find out on this weeks episode because BDSM coach Suzie Wheeler is on with us dissecting how women feel and respond to dominance in 2019.  She teaches guys how to get into a woman’s sexual psyche and truly fulfill fantasies.

    Women will LOVE this episode because it says all the things they truly want to say but may not know how.

    On this show we discuss:

    How to be dominant with women in 2019

    How to slowly introduce dominance and fantasy play into the bedroom

    Do women like dominance?

    How to be dominant if you’ve never been dominant before

    And so much more

    Guest: Suzie Wheeler

    Quote from the show:

    Marni: How is a guy on a first date supposed to be authentic if he isn’t looking for anything serious or long-term.

    Suzie: “I am not looking for anything serious, but I am enjoying being in this moment with you right now. If you are okay with it, then I am great. If you are not, I totally understand.”