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    Episode # 52 – Popovers and Beer? Oh Yeah…..


    Michael talks to Nicole Wentworth, Bar Manager of Popovers At Brickyard Square in Epping, NH about what she is seeing in beer trends, their world famous Popovers and other excellent food on offer.

    PARTNERSHIPS—when founded on mutual trust, vision, and respect—can create lovely and lasting outcomes, and such is the case of the partnership between John Tinios and Chef Steve James. Always impressed and inspired by the beautiful and delicious pastries and baked goods created by Chef James—the star bakery chef of The Balsams Grand Resort—John knew the two would one day work together in some capacity. In the year 2006, the spark became a flame when the general manager of The Balsams notified John saying that Chef James was available for consulting. The two men—John and Steve—immediately knew there was more to their chemistry than a consulting agreement and, soon, they developed the concept of Popovers On The Square, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

    As this partnership and its production company and culinary brand continue to grow, an additional Popovers—with an expanded full bar and full service menu—has opened its doors in the fine town of Epping, New Hampshire. What once began as admiration and mutual respect, has blossomed into a sincere and lasting partnership and friendship.

    Check them out at https://www.popoversonthesquare.com/locations-home

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