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    ESPN Senior Writer Seth Wickersham Talks with TK

    Wickersham, who dropped the story regarding the demise of the New England Patriots, now joins the TK Show.

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    ESPN’s Seth Wickersham, who wrote the article regarding the state of the New England Patriots joins the TK Show.

    Seth Wickersham (@SethWickersham) wrote a bombshell story on the the state of the Patriots which has been disputed. But with Josh McDaniels returning to New England, new discussions have surfaced. Seth seemed to think McDaniels had leverage over the Patriots as it would have been tough to replace him. Plus, it is understood that quarterback Tom Brady was pleased with the decision. In addition, it is rumored that Bill Belichick will increase his mentoring skills for McDaniels.

    TK and Wickersham engaged in the surprising trade of Jimmy Garopollo to the San Francisco 49ers. In Wickersham’s opinion Kraft forced Belichick’s hand to trade him instead of Brady. Moreover, he reported that the 5x Super Bowl champion coach was furious about it as well.  It is very hard to tell the future for the Patriots, with their aging quarterback and coach.

    Moving on, Wickersham brought up how the 49ers can relate to the Indianapolis Colts as they lost McDaniels before. Plus, he mentions how family, job security, and the possibility of taking over the Patriots played a factor.

    Later on the problems with the Las Vegas Raiders appeared and things may get rocky.

    Lastly, TK obviously asks Wickersham his favorite restaurant!

    Full details available on this edition of the TK Show !

    1:00 Details on the story

    6:35 Relationships

    9:50 Garoppolo situation

    14:35 Future of the Patriots

    18:35 49ers talk

    20:39 Next wave owners

    26:20 End

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