Esposito: Bruins-Lightning Still Going Seven Games

    On this week's edition of Bruins Beat, Jimmy Murphy was joined by a Boston Bruins legend Phil Esposito


    On this week’s edition of Bruins Beat, Jimmy Murphy was joined by a Boston Bruins legend and Tampa Bay Lightning Radio color commentator Phil Esposito.


    Despite the Tampa Bay Lightning stealing home ice back from the Boston Bruins and taking a 2-1 lead in the series, Hall of Famer and current Lightning Exec Phil Esposito believes there’s a lot more hockey to be played.

    “I don’t think this series is over by any stretch of the imagination,” said Esposito on the latest Bruins Beat podcast. “This will be a seven-game series.

    “I’ve said it before: they’re so evenly matched. It’s the one who gets the lucky breaks who are going to win the game,” proclaimed Esposito.

    The current Lightning exec and radio color commentator went on to tell Jimmy Murphy on the broadcast that the reason the Bruins are down in this series is because of themselves.

    “The Bruins getting four or five penalties [in Game 3] throws their whole thing off a little bit,” exclaimed the ex-Bruin. “But it benefits the Lightning. You have to stay out of the penalty box. I think the Bruins are trying to intimidate the Lightning a little bit too much.”

    With the subject of penalties being talked about, it’s a safe bet to guess the player whose name was mentioned in the same breath: Brad Marchand.

    What did Espo, an analyst for the Lightning, have to say about the little ball of hate?