NBAWarriors Plus/Minus

    Ethan Strauss on the Media Industry, Warriors and the NBA Playoffs (podcast)

    Strauss has moved from ESPN to The Athletic.


    Marcus Thompson and Tim Kawakami are joined by their newest colleague at The Athletic, the infamous Ethan Strauss. Ethan discusses his decision to join forces with The Athletic, the ending of his tenure at ESPN before giving his take on the Warriors-Spurs series and the NBA playoffs as a whole.  Programming note: Radio Ethan does NOT make an appearance. Maybe on the next one.

    Longtime Warriors insiders Tim Kawakami and Marcus Thompson, both of The Athletic Bay Area, come together for the definitive podcast about the Golden State Warriors. They bring incredible insider knowledge from their proven sources. They offer behind-the-scenes insights and color. They get top-notch guests. Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Steve Kerr, Bob Myers – they all have been and will be on. The combination of experience, personality, access and insight obtained by Kawakami and Thompson makes this a must-listen for any Warriors fan.