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    Excluded From The Bubble |Kevin Huerter|Court Vision Podcast with Jameer Nelson and Ben Stinar


    Court Vision Podcast with Jameer Nelson and Ben Stinar

    Episode 20: Excluded From The Bubble

    Jameer Nelson and Ben Stinar welcome Kevin Huerter from the Atlanta Hawks to talk about what it was like being on a team that was not included in the bubble this past NBA season, what he would like his next season to look like, and a project that he is working on in his hometown.

    Guest: Kevin Huerter


    What has the offseason been like for Kevin Huerter?


    What was it like being on a team that was not able to play in the bubble this year?


    How important was it to have a guy like Vince Carter as a teammate? 


    Ben Stinar believes that the Atlanta Hawks have a good chance at winning the finals next year, or come close to it, with one of the top 3 duos (John Collins and Trae Young) in the league.


    The Atlanta Hawks had not had a win in San Antonio in a long time, but last season Kevin Huerter hit a three point basket to win a game there. How did that make him feel?


    A good season for Kevin Huerter would be staying healthy all year, making the playoffs with a few playoff round wins and shooting 40% from the three point line. He does not want to be on a losing team that has to watch the bubble games from home.


    Kevin Huerter is a part of a group in his hometown building an 11 million dollar basketball facility with 9 basketball courts, 11 volleyball courts , beach volleyball and turf fields outside, a weight-room, a daycare and more.


    Dwayne Wade gave Kevin Huerter his jersey at the end of the game.

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