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    Find Your Bourbon People | Elissa Jaeger and Nolan Atchison | Steak Bourbon and Sports with Ari Temkin and Jeremy Mandel


    Steak Bourbon and Sports Ep. 41

    Find Your Bourbon People 

    Guests: Elissa Jaeger and Nolan Atchison

    On this weeks episode of Steak, Bourbon & Sports Jeremy Mandel (@jeremymandel) and Ari Temkin (@arisports) welcome Elissa Jaeger and Nolan Atchison from the Minnesota whiskey society to talk about what exactly is a whiskey society (@minnesotawhiskeysociety). Ari, Jeremy, Elissa and Nolan discuss how someone can get involved in a whiskey society, how having good people around you is important, what new collectors should have on their shelves first, and much more.



    What is a whiskey society?


    How long has the Minnesota Whiskey society been around and how many barrel picks have they done?


    Favorite barrel pick experiences.


    What would you suggest someone do that wants to be a part of something like Minnesota whiskey society in an area where a club like that doesn’t exist?


    Jeremy Mandel: “Having good people around you in an important thing, especially in a hobby like this where you can go too far.”


    What got Elissa Jaeger and Nolan Atchison into the world of whiskey?


    Elissa’s experience being a woman in a male dominated hobby.


    Is there anything that Elissa thinks could/should be done to make this a more welcoming hobby for everybody?


    What are whiskeys that new collectors should have?


    Jeremy Mandel: “When it comes to whiskey, drink what you like, drink it how you like it. When it comes to steak i’m gonna kick you out of my house if you want me to cook a well done steak.”


    Minnesota whiskey society is private on facebook but you can find them on instagram @minnesotawhiskeysociety.



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