Frank Martin on Paying College Athletes for Likeness

    A landmark pod for Jeff Goodman


    Frank Martin came aboard Good ‘N Plenty this week for a special interview with Jeff Goodman.

    For SEO purposes I have to lead with that. Those of you that blog understand what I mean. For those of you that don’t, don’t sweat it. It’s really inconsequential.

    Now I’ve had the luxury of being Jeff Goodman’s producer for almost every single episode of Good ‘N Plenty. This one was number 100 for Jeff, but he didn’t know it at the time. What he also didn’t know is he might have conducted his best interview of the show to date.

    Frank Martin is the head coach of South Carolina. He is notorious for his death stares on the sidelines and his toughness. This is an interview unlike I’ve ever heard from him before. I started covering college basketball while he was with Kansas State. I did not know he has personality like this. My entire view of him has changed in just under an hour.

    Normally I would sit here and feature some quotes and other bullet points of the podcast. To be frank (sick pun, right?) you should listen to the entire thing. Martin is unfiltered and as raw as you will possibly ever hear him.

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    6:02 – Getting chewed out by Bob Huggins

    17:00 Agents involved with college basketball

    25:30 We need to be more proactive about paying for likeness

    42:42 Getting back to the NCAA Tournament