The BosBabes

    From MTV The Challenge To Baseball WAG: Jess McCain And Her Boyfriend JP France, Discuss Life In Quarantine


    Can you imagine flying all the way to Florida for baseball spring training… just to fly back a few short days later due to corona virus? Well, that is exactly what happened to Houston Astros Organization pitcher,  JP France .

    In this episode, both JP and his former reality TV star girlfriend Jess McCain detail what the struggle has been like having to be quarantined at home, while trying to stay in baseball shape. There was a positive though to being stuck at home, both Jess and JP built a chicken coup together and now house tons of chicks!

    In this BosBabes episode JP chats baseball and Jess serves us some tea, on her time with MTV. The loving couple even discusses how they met! Be sure to listen here!