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    Game Theory: NCAA Tournament NBA Prospects

    Sam Vecenie talks with Barstool Sports on the NCAA Tournament and its prospects.


    In this episode of the Game Theory, Sam Vecenie talks with Reags from Barstool Sports on the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament and what they’ve seen so far. In terms of pros and cons thus far. Such as the number of upsets which have then created Cinderella stories.

    They then talk best players and more who are expected to be in the 2018 NBA Draft come June.

    Episode recap:

    In this episode, I chat with Reags from over at Barstool about what we saw in the NCAA Tournament, and what we expect to see going forward. First though, we chat about gambling on the Tournament, and the mess that was the opening weekend from that perspective.

    Then we chat about some of the funnier moments we saw from the weekend, some of the biggest news from this past weekend. Then we jump into some discussion on who the best players, best matchups, and best NBA Draft Prospects remaining in the NCAA Tournament. We chat about Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Kevin Knox, Marvin Bagley, Wendell Carter, Mikal Bridges, Robert Williams and more.

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