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    Game Theory with Sam Vecenie: College Basketball | NBA Draft | NCAA Podcast Bucks Fire Kidd; Kawhi Upset?; NBA Trade Rumors w/ Kemba, DeAndre, Lakers and more

    Sam Veceie and Dan Feldman discuss the DeAndre Jordan trade rumors, disruption in Cleveland and more.



    Sam Vecenie of the college basketball branch of The Athletic and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports, discuss the varying topics surrounding the NBA.

    Throughout the podcast, Dan will discuss his bewilderment with the situation between Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs, as he thought he’d be the safest one to stay in a black and silver uniform. Showing his confusion and shock with the situation.

    Sam, on the other hand, brings up the point if Leonard will still sign an extension with the Spurs, as he’ll be eligible to do so this summer. Sam believes with the recent reports of possible turmoil on both sides that it’ll be interesting see if a deal gets done before Leonard’s 2019 free agency.

    Also, a topic of discussion if the defense by the Cavaliers, such as the regression in Jae Crowder from his days with the Boston Celtics

    Podcast episode description: In this episode, Sam chats with Dan Feldman from over at NBC Sports about the various NBA news and trade rumors in the NBA. First, they chat about Jason Kidd getting fired in Milwaukee, where Milwaukee goes from here, and where Kidd goes from here. Then, they chat about the report that Kawhi Leonard is unhappy in San Antonio, a very strange situation that neither really understand how to make heads or tails of.

    Then, they chat trades. They go in detail on the Kemba Walker situation, discussing what the Hornets should try to get out of a deal and what other teams should be involved. Then they talk Cavaliers, and discuss whether George Hill, DeAndre Jordan, or Lou Williams are fits. Finally, they chat Lakers, and then discuss what young players selling teams should target in deals.

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