Getting Over the Mondays (Podcast)


    Happy Monday everyone!

    OK, not everyone likes Mondays. We get it. DJ and Pete aren’t really big fans of Mondays anyway, but maybe this podcast will make your Monday better than usual. DJ reads a story about a woman who experienced a true tragedy while riding public transportation involving a muffin. The bad boys of the show are hungover (oddly enough after talking about how much they love bars…coincidence?). Which is worse, full day of headaches or full day of shakes? And not the burger king shakes, but maybe they are. McDonald’s doesn’t have milkshakes anymore do they? Maybe it’s time re-watch the movie The Founder and think about how badly the guys want McDonald’s.

    DJ has some soda

    DJ never really drinks soda, and neither does Pete. But they are both so hung over that DJ desperately needed one. Pete likes the soda machines at Five Guys Burgers restaurant, he thinks it’s like an amusement park (a pretty sad one at that). DJ bought some orange soda. DJ enjoys man caves now.

    A new segment?

    DJ brings up a new idea; A Shower Rundown. Well this is more for if they run out of things to talk about but hey, this could be the next big thing. Listen in for DJ give the first Shower Rundown. Which time had a cooler accent, the 1920’s or the 1990’s? This is a serious question that needs an answer.

    The guys discuss the show ‘Game Night’

    Have you ever seen the show Game Night? Well the guys have and they have a serious issue with it; Kyle Chandler is probably the sweatiest person they have ever seen in their lives. The guys also discuss more stuff about Kyle.


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