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    Golden State Warriors Asst. Coach Bruce Fraser Joins The TK Show

    Warriors assistant coach Bruce Fraser joins the TK Show to discuss several topics that revolve around the team.


    Bruce Fraser, assistant coach of the Golden State Warriors, joins TK to talk about the season and the state of the team.

    Bruce Fraser had a lot to talk about when discussing the Golden State Warriors. There is no denying the team’s success and obviously a lot hard work goes into it.

    The crew brought up how there is never dysfunction in the Warriors locker room.  While Coach Fraser acknowledged the team could be more consistent in the energy department.

    Moving forward, the topic of injuries were brought up and how they affected the team. Steph Curry and Kevin Durant’s in particular were the ones brought up.  Fraser enlightens the audience on how KD and Steph deal with the injuries while still staying engaged with the squad.

    TK and Coach Fraser also brought up how coaching continuity is a big plus, Steve Nash’s role with the team, Steve Kerr’s health, and how Durant has acclimated to life in the Bay.

    Full details available on this week’s TK Show !

    Podcast Description:

    1:25 Rhythm of the team

    3:55 Injuries

    6:35 No Turnover on coaching staff

    9:20 Steve Kerr’s return was in question last year.

    14:55 Is Kevin Durant more comfortable this year?

    18:30 Is Steph peaking athletically?

    20:50 Changing up Steph’s routine

    20:45 Steve Nash’s role with team

    27:22 End

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