Good N’ Plenty w/ Jeff Goodman: More Fireworks This NBA Offseason?

    LeBron James to Houston? Why the Rockets might have someone else in mind as well


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    On this episode of Good N’ Plenty Jared Dudley and Marc Stein join Jeff to discuss the NBA off-season. Why NBA players think Donovan Mitchell is the real Rookie of the Year. More fireworks in store this summer? Which potential free agent isn’t generating enough buzz? How did Brad Stevens gain respect so quickly? Where will LeBron James end up? All of those questions and more in this week’s episode.

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    5:20 NBA Players side more with Donovan Mitchell for RoY

    14:15 Jared Dudley excited for Deandre Ayton

    22:15 LeBron James destinations

    27:00 Paul George back to OKC?